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Using injectable biosensors, we're creating a world where disease is optional and human performance is always optimal.

How it's done

Our Process

We're creating a series of systems involving cell-based biosensors to monitor analytes in the human body. It can detect signs of disease and keep an eye on levels of vital substances in real time to effectively upgrade our immune systems.

System #1: Specific TCRs

We’re using T-cell receptor-based biosensors to detect certain antigens. Current biosensors only monitor these antigens but our cellular-based method can also destroy the cells that present these toxins and other foreign bodies. Detection and treatment of deadly diseases like cancer would be done years before symptoms occur.

System #2: Universal Receptors

Current antibody-based sensors can only find what they are looking for. But if the patient has a disease we aren't explicitly looking for, there's nothing they can do. That's why we're developing synthetic receptors that can upgrade the abilities of our immune system to recognize pathogens in the body, making sure we never miss a single disease.

System #3: Micronutrients & Ion Concentrations

At 10xNano, we want to enable optimal human performance, physically and mentally, at all times. That’s why we’re tapping into the molecules floating around our bodies so they can tell us about our health and performance. We’re developing enzyme and ion-selective electrode-based biosensors to expand our knowledge about the delicate processes going on inside our bodies.

System #4: DNA Sequence Detection

Changes in our genome contribute to deadly diseases like cancer, dementia, and heart disease. Luckily, we can detect these changes with the circulating free DNA in our bodies. Using universal bases, we can find the sequence of any cfDNA in the body. This allows us to easily detect and find the root cause of any disease, opening the door for new, innovative treatments.

What Drives Us

  • The aim of medicine is to prevent disease and prolong life, the ideal of medicine is to eliminate the need of a physician.

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    William James Mayo Co-Founder, Mayo Clinic
  • Proactive, not reactive. This is how healthcare should really be. Not a spiral of late diagnosis and scrambled treatments but a system of certainty where we truly know what is happening inside of us.

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    Cameron Kerr Co-Founder, 10xNano


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